Information Technology Research Unit

Information Technology is as old as civilization of mankind. In 1832, the invention of the marvelous computer introduced a new means for information storing and processing. Invention of the transistor in 1948 was a breakthrough which led to the birth of the digital computer and thereafter digital convergence of all technologies and knowledge in the world. More importantly, development in communication technology has been accelerated and started to develop together with information technology thereby forming the buzzword area of ICT. Development of the modern world is to a great extent powered by ICT today. Information Technology Research Unit (ITRU) of the Faculty of Information Technology, University of Moratuwa, envisages to expand the horizon of ICT to contribute the knowledge discovery and inventions for the tomorrow’s world.

ITRU Research Symposium

ITRU Research Symposium is the flagship symposium for active researchers, industrial professionals and academics from diversified domains in Information Technology. The objective of the conference is to provide a focal forum to share latest research achievements and practical experiences in order to face problems of the present day information society, and to delineate the greatest challenges faced with the businesses and society at large. The Conference will feature key-note presentations by prominent researchers in the field, in addition to peer reviewed paper sessions, poster presentations, and tech talks.

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