Welcome to the Career Guidance Unit

On behalf of the Career Guidance Unit of the University of Moratuwa, it gives me great pleasure to send this message of welcome. The mandate of the Career Guidance Unit (CGU) is to assist the undergraduates to produce globally competitive and world class graduates.

Present day corporate sector expect a higher level of personal development attributes, soft skills and qualities of leadership in addition to academic and technical competencies from our students. 

Therefore, today’s graduates need to be in a superior positioning in the area of personal development with better communication skills and the ability to be a team player in order to build up their competitive advantage in the corporate market in order to succeed.

The objective of the Career Guidance Unit (CGU) is to assist the undergraduates in acquiring attributes and soft skills which can assist them in reaching standards matching the potential employer’s requirements.

To this end, CGU usually conducts a number of programs on various aspects of career aimed at increasing the soft skills aspects in e.g. Personality development, qualities of leadership, communication and presentation skills etc., and in pragmatic training of e.g. writing an effective CV, facing interviews etc., to help in building self-confidence and in preparation to undertake progressive steps towards entering the corporate sector.

We at CGU also provide opportunities for our graduates to secure employment in reputed companies in the corporate sector, and thereby set the stage for both graduates and the industry to benefit mutually.