For the past 50 years, University of Moratuwa has educated talented youth from diverse backgrounds and transformed them to high-quality professionals, academics and leaders. The efforts of my predecessor vice chancellors, fully supported by councils, staff, students, alumni, industry and society, have elevated the University of Moratuwa to its present status.

Rapid and complex changes of geopolitics, economics and environment are inevitable. Thus our future students, staff and graduates will interact in diverse ways with a quite different world than today. With ambitious development and economic goals, national-level human capital development should strategically employ new technologies, innovations and entrepreneurship. The higher education landscape in the country will be affected by rapidly developing technologies, democratisation of access to knowledge and the formation of international platforms to address major global challenges. Education will continue to be a vital force in promoting inclusiveness, building social cohesion and attaining economic resilience. Hence, the University of Moratuwa, as a leading university in Sri Lanka, will face the challenge of living up to its vision and meeting national needs with international qualit

My vision is to steer the University to be responsive and adaptive in making Sri Lanka a knowledge-based economy. Our university will go beyond knowledge generation to apply knowledge and skills to build social cohesion, inclusiveness and economic resilience for growth. Our mission consists of three strong pillars:

  • teaching and research,
  • governance, and
  • service to the society

Without these, our vision will only be a dream. This is our strategy to be a vibrant, world-class university.

Sen Prof. N. D. Gunawardena

Vice Chancellor, University of Moratuwa.