Students' Unions

The major students' organizations of the university are

  1. University Student's Union
  2. Faculty Students' Union

The establishment of the faculty students' union and university students' union is provided for by section 112 of the universities act no. 16 of 1978, as amended  by the universities at no. 26 of 1988. The composition, duties and functions of these unions are described in the act.

As required under the provisions of the Universities (Amendment) Act No. 26 of 1988, the University has prepared By-Law No. 21, which gives the guidelines and procedures for the formation of Students' Union at the University of Moratuwa.

The members of the Faculty Students' Union are elected by the students of each faculty, depending on the number of students in the Faculty. The total number of Office Bearers in a Faculty Students' Union is not less than seven and not more than thirteen and is determined by the total number of students in each Faculty.

The election, if any, is by secret ballot. No student shall be eligible to vote or stand for election, unless duly registered as a student for the academic year in which the election is held. Students under suspension from the University and those who owe money to the University during the times of elections , shall not be eligible to vote or stand for election. 



Contact Person

Contact no.

University Students' Union

Prof. H.S.S. Perera


Architecture Faculty Students’ Union

Mr. W.M.G. Udayakumara


Engineering Faculty Students' Union

Dr. Jagath Premachandre

Ext-4118, 0112650281

Information Technology Faculty Students' Union

Mrs. W.A.S.N. Wijethunge