Frequently Asked Questions

Question Contact Person  Where?
How do I register for the academic year? SAR / Examinations (Ext. 1401) Examination Branch
How do I register for subjects? Director/Undergraduate Studies       (Ext. 8201)
How do I find hostel accommodation? Male/Female Sub-wardens (Ext. 1850) Hostel Office
How do I find addresses of private boarding places? AR / Welfare (Ext.1831) Welfare Office
Whom should I contact for Bursary/Mahapola Scholarship? AR / Welfare (Ext. 1831) -(as above)-
How do I obtain bus / train season tickets? AR / Welfare (Ext. 1831) -(as above)-
What should I do if I fall ill?  University Medical Officer (Ext. 1810)  Medical Centre
What should I do if I miss practical or continuous assessments? Lecturer In-Charge of the subject  
What should I do if I miss an examination? SAR/Examinations (Within 48 hours)* (Ext. 1401) 011-2650586 Examinations Branch
Whom should I contact for counseling matters? Chief Student Counselor or Counselors 011-2640484 / 0714269434 Counseling Office
Whom should I contact for security related issues? Chief Security Officer (Ext. 1901)    011-2650559 Security Office
Whom should I contact for highly personal matters? Professional Counselor (Ext. 1816) L-Block
Whom should I contact for matters related to academic work? Academic Advisor  
How should I get the approval to go overseas during academic semesters ? Director/Undergraduate Studies**    (Ext. 8201)


A student who has missed an end-of-semester examination because of illness or other compelling reason should appeal with supporting documents to the Dean through Academic Advisor through Head of Department for an Academic Concession within one calendar month from the date of examination.

Senate approval should be obtained by applying through Faculty Board.