Undergraduate Studies

As a faculty that serves a focused undertaking for the benefit of business sector in Sri Lanka, the Faculty of Business aims to be an internationally renowned center of excellence in innovation, research and student development resulting in positive transformations of traditional businesses. 

This curriculum was developed by taking into consideration the global trends in the applicable fields, understanding the present national and global human resource requirements in the relevant fields, using expert intuition in projecting those requirements for the future, evaluating similar programmes at world renowned institutions, learning from regional experiences and making use of the subject matter and pedagogical expertise available.

The Faculty of Business will award a Bachelor of Business Science Honours (BBSc) degree in three specializations namely Business Analytics, Business Process Management and Financial Service Management. The first three semesters are common for all three specializations. From the fourth semester the students will specialize in one of the above areas. The students will have electives/ optional modules in some semesters which they can select based on their own needs, requirements and discretion. 

A student enrolled for the BBSc Hons degree has to follow a programme of study as a full time student for a period extending over a minimum of four academic years. In the case of transfer students this would be a minimum of two years depending on the semester of enrollment.

Three degree specializations are to be offered by FoB.